How to Remove Watch Band Links with Home Tools?


What you need is a pushpin, a paper clip, or even an earring that you don’t mind if it bends.  You need something that is small enough to fit through the small hole on the side of the link.

Let’s say you use a pushpin.  You need to apply force to push it through the hole of the link so that the pin connecting the links will come out from the other side (*Pay attention to the direction of the arrow on the back of your watch band).  Here in our office, we normally tap the pushpin with a small hammer.  But if you don’t have a hammer, the bottom of a screwdriver works fine.  Remember to put a thick towel or a mat on your table before you start tapping.  You don’t want to ruin your table, right?

Is there an easier way?

Of course!  Using tools readily available at home is the cheapest way but definitely not the easiest way.  If you find the above method too much hassle, consider a Watch Band Link Remover.